City Incentives


New Residential Construction Incentive Program

The City of Frazee offers various incentives to any new home constructed within city limits, including free water, sewer, and garbage consumption for one full year. The City will only charge the base fee for water ($10.75) and sewer ($11.00) per month, in addition to covering the cost for a 35 gallon garbage tote for one year. As a new homeowner, this means dollars in your pocket! On the average, this totals $41.00 per month.

In addition, the City has teamed up with Arvig Communication Systems (ACS) to provide additional incentives. The initial activation cost for telephone hookup (not including site visit costs) will be waived by ACS will provide free cable installation and wiring for up to 2 televisions with 6 months of free Two-Star cable service, free installation of high speed internet and 6 months of free internet service!!


Dept./Utility Monthly Rate Yearly Amount
Water $13.50 $162.00
Sewer $13.50 $162.00
Garbage (35 gal) $13.28 $159.36
High-Speed Internet Hook-up $99.00 $99.00
First 6-months of Internet Free $72.95  $437.70
Cable Hook-up $55.00 $55.00
First 6-months of Two-Star Cable Free $60.95 $365.70
Telephone Hook-up  $60.25 $60.25
Sub-total   $1501.01


For more information contact the Frazee City Office at (218) 334-4991