Forms & Applications

Please make use of the following forms and applications available for your convenience.

ACH Sign-up Form | For Automatic Payments

Utilities Application  | Application for Utility Service: Turn into City Office

2023 Fee Schedule | Approved by City Council

Information Disclosure Request Form | Email Form to City Office

Gambling Permit (Exluded Bingo) | Must receive approval by City Council

Gambling Permit (Off Site) | Must receive approval by City Council

Rescue Squad Application | Turn into the City Office

Voter Registration | Mail to address on form

W-9 | For use by individuals

Frazee Building Permit Application - .pdf | To be turned into City Office   


Volunteer Firefighter Application | Online Form

Volunteer Firefighter Application | PDF


Lease Addendum for Crime Free/Drug Free Housing 

Rental Preparation Checklist 

 Authorization to Release Information