Lakeside Cemetery

For information regarding lots available or about Lakeside Cemetery in general, please call the City Office at 218-334-4991. Thank you.


The Columbarium is located beautifully overlooking the cemetery with a backdrop of a wooded area and the lake below. The Lakeside Cemetery association is looking to expand upon that area to make a peaceful walk toward the lake.

To assist you in deciding if the Columbarium will work for you, attached are the rules and dimensions.

Columbarium Rules and Regulations

Records and Maps of the Cemetery

Complete Listings last updated October, 2011

The records are listed alphabetically by last name.  Find who you are looking for and then take note of the section and lot number to locate where they would be using the online cemetery map. 

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To assist you on your search within the cemetery follow this link to a map that will co-inside with the section and lot noted on the record