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Larry Stephanson Donnie Tate Kevin Renollet
Superintendent Assistant Operator
City Shop Phone: 218-849-6544
Public Works Email:


Dumpster Provider 
Jon & Son's Garbage | 218-849-1225 
Electric Providers
Lake Region Electric | 218-863-1171 (Electric for half of Red Willow Heights)
Ottertail Power Company | 800-257-4044 (Electric Utility for 90% of Frazee) 
Gas Provider
Minnesota Energy | 800-889-9508
City of Frazee | 218-334-9704 or 
Drinking Water Reports - City of Frazee, Minnesota

2023 Clean Water Report (PDF)

2022 Clean Water Report (PDF)

2021 Clean Water Report (PDF) 

2020 Clean Water Report (PDF)

2019 Clean Water Report (PDF)

2018 Clean Water Report (PDF)

2017 Clean Water Report (PDF)

To request a paper copy, please call City Hall at 218-334-4991.  


Dial 811 - or 1-800-252-1166 to call Gopher One Call System before you dig or trench to kow what's below ground. For online information on Gopher State please follow this link:


The local compost site is located north of Frazee just past the City Public Works shop on the east side of Hwy 29. This site is available for residents from Frazee, Burlington Township, and Silverleaf Township. **This site is open generally April 1st through September, weather permitting.    


Monday - Saturday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Oil recycling shed is open Tuesdays from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM during summer months only. - OPENS MAY 14, 2024

There are two main piles for compost materials. Absolutely no plastic allowed.

1.  Brush / Tree Trimmings ONLY
2.  Garden / Yard Waste ONLY


The City contracts with Steve's Sanitation to provide recycling for our residents.  Pickup is every other Friday all year round. Please have your recycling out at the curb the night before. 


The Watertower

The City's watertower was built in 1999, has a 300,000 gallon capacity and is supplied by 2 - 6 inch wells,  each 185 feet deep with a 650 gallon per minute water pumping ability. A special filtration system removes iron and mangenese from the water. As required by MN State law, fluoride is then added. Some say that Frazee has the best water in the state!  The old watertower had only a 100,000 gallon capacity.

Water Hardness

Water hardness level in Frazee is 19 grains. 

"In scientific terms, water hardness is generally the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. But in layman's terms, you may notice water hardness when your hands still feel slimy after washing with soap and water, or when your drinking glasses at home become less than crystal clear. Learn more about water hardness on the Water Science School site." - courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey website.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Frazee wastewater treatment facility consists of three (3) 9 acre aerated ponds that are each 15 feet deep. The ponds discharge water into six (6) 3 acre rapid infiltration basins. The facility has a design flow of 645,000 gallons per day and is currently at 1/4th of its capacity and is located on Old Highway 10, east of town near US Highway 10. The building near the pond is the Blower Station. Inside are four (4) 150 horsepower blowers used to aerate the ponds. To those who are not familiar to wastewater treatment facilities, you may find it interesting to know that there is no odor at this site due to it being trapped beloww the surface water because  of the way it was engineered.  With all of this surface water, the treatment facility attracts a fair amount of wildlife. 

Wellhead Protection Plan

The Wellhead Protection Plan is a plan developed with the help of the Minnesota Department of Health to protect the community's water supply.
Please view the plan by clicking here.


Why am I being charged a recycling fee?

The City of Frazee is committed to recycling. MN State Statutes require municipalities to provide their residents an opportunity to recycle. Frazee accomplishes this through a curbside recycling contract which provides residents the ability to recycle. The current contract is with Steve’s Sanitation. 

Recycling is beneficial for the environment, the economy and our community. All households are billed for recycling, regardless of whether they choose to participate or not. This reduces or eliminates potential disincentives for not recycling. Again, as a municipality, we are charged with ensuring that residents have an opportunity to recycle although residents are not required to.

Why am I being charged a storm water fee?

This fee was started back in 2008. The City needs to maintain the storm water system, which includes infrastructure such as ditches and holding ponds throughout the City. This fee helps offset the cost of that maintenance. Every property owner within the City is charged this fee, despite whether you are connected to the City’s water/sewer system. The storm water fee takes into consideration a property’s run off from rain water and snow melt. This also helps pay for the cleaning of Streets.  Street cleaning helps keep sand, salt, leaves and waste out of our storm water system.

What are my options for payments?

Cash, check, and ACH payments are accepted. Customers may choose to: 1.) Mail in their check payments to PO Box 387, Frazee, MN 56544, 2.)Drop off check payments in the drop box located on East side of City Hall, 3.) Drop off check or cash payments at the reception desk.  Another option is to sign up for Automatic Bill payments- customers may find this form by visiting the city's website. The City Office is located at 222 Main Ave W. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 7:00AM- 6:00PM, Friday - closed.