Give Advice on Wannigan Park - Take a Survey

July 30, 2020


Take the Survey regarding Wannigan Regional Park

A survey has been developed for the proposed Wannigan Regional Park, that would be located on a 170 acre site north of Frazee, MN with the Otter Tail River coursing through it.  Becker County and the City of Frazee are creating a master plan for this new park as part of a funding request that will be submitted to the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Commission this year.  Note that the siting of the park was chosen because of its proximity to Frazee and because it will provide a connecting hub for 3 major trails of regional significance: The Heartland State Trail (biking), The Otter Tail River State Water Trail (canoe and kayaking) and the North Country Trail (hiking). The survey is seeking your recommendations/comments on what recreational activities/amenities the proposed park should include. Please take a moment to respond and participate in the survey. Thank you.